Our Achievements

· Economic upgradation of 1.02 lakhs poor families through our interventions in Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Non-Farm Sector and Women Empowerment Sector by Rs. 60000 per year.

· Rejuvenation of 7 rivers/nalahs through construction of 210 Check dams.

· Achieved 100 % digitization of ZP Schools (1103 schools) through support of E-learning systems in the schools in collaboration with Mr. HarshalVibhandik, who is a NRI belongs to Dhule.

· Formation of 2242 women SHGs and linkages of 1610 SHGs to bank loan of more than Rs. 28 Cr. With this, 9355 women started their income generation activities.

· We are 1st in India who completed digitization of records of all woman SHGs (Self Help Groups) under NABARD project.

· Construction of 185 Group Well has created long term assets for 881 families and they have stopped their destressed migration in search of employment.

· 5660 acres of waste land of 5660 poor families transformed to cultivable lands through our activity of land levelling.

· Infrastructure support in 56 tribal Ashram Schools has increased school attendance and quality of education along with improvement in the learning levels.

· Mobilized Micro-finance support of Rs 24.57 Cr from NABARD, SIDBI, RMK and private banks to start up small enterprises of 7833 youth.

· Establishment of Community Radio Station at Pimpalner for awareness creation and dissemination of information about Agriculture, Animal husbandry, Health and all related development issues.

· Construction of 16 nos. of weekly & daily market places has resulted in to selling of Agriculture produce like vegetables and increased employment.

· Twelve Chouks (Road Crossings) have been created to boost non-farm employment

· DBMGF is the FIRST NGO to produce sustainability report as per GRI standards, which is going to be published shortly.