Decoding Educational happiness
Fundamental aim of DBMGF in the education sector is to build adequate educated human resource base in the country. This cannot be achieved without quality education that attracts and retain students. Quality of schooling is also dependent on the ambiance, infrastructure and the availability and accessibility of required equipment and facilities to students. Hence, the programme focuses on providing such amenities and equipment to the tribal residential schools in the area to enable the students to have quality education.

Education is a knowledge exchanging and acquiring process. Such process takes place effectively if is pleasing to all the involved actors.

In this context, the E-learning systems introduced by the programme have made education an exhilarating process for both the students and teachers of the adopted schools. The graphical presentation and use of visual media enables students to grasp complex terms and concepts.

Poorly equipped laboratories hamper science education in rural India. Hence, the foundation provides the lab equipment and tools to Ashram chools under the programme. This support is proving crucial, as students are now able to carry out all the experiments, which are part of their science curriculum.